Joseph Dreugar

A powerful warlock and astronomer who has vowed to travel the world in search of the universe's greatest secrets.


STR: 8 DEX: 10 CON: 13 INT: 16 WIS: 14 CHA: 16

25 HP- 12 Bloodied- 6 HP per surge- 8 surges per day

speed 6

Initiative +1

AC 15- Fort 12- Ref 15- Will 15

Skills: Arcana, Bluff, History, Insight, Streetwise

Feats: Jack of all trades, Arcane reserves

Abilities: Shadow Walk, Fate of the Void, Warlock’s Curse, Prime Shot

At Will: Dire Radiance, Eyebite, Eldritch Blast

Encounter: Dreadful Word

Daily: Dread Star


Born and raised in the port city of Gauntlet Gal, Joseph had always demonstrated his curiosity of all things bizarre and profound. Born as an only child, his mother worked dubiously to support him, as his father traveled far and wide with a caravan as a traveling merchant. At the young age of 7 Joseph’s mother died of illness, leaving him to the care of her dearest friends in the more impoverished areas of the city. Despite growing and developing without the family he would have found ideal, Joseph buried his sorrow and indulged his intrigues in the wonders of day to day activity. A rapid learner, he absorbed as much as he could on the streets, until a fateful day came when short handed and very desperate, a professor named Marcus Zergada, approached him on the street offering him an assistant’s position for the Academy of Science and Sorcery.

It was there for the next few years that he was able to learn as much as his heart desired. Though most of his work required cleaning and heavy lifting, he could not have been more elated. Though he could not afford to enroll in such classes he was still able to pick up bits of information such as politics and nobility, nature and economics, and most importantly the introduction to astronomy and it’s lore of magic. It was then at the age of ten, that he witnessed a lecture that would determine his life’s work. On a late fall day, a professor by the name of Thomas Iggins offered a very unique lecture to his students. Controversy began to arise as he passionately shouted his theories of an “undiscovered plane of reality in which its inhabitants controlled the very fabric of space and time.” He also claimed that, “once deemed worthy, a man can be abducted by these aliens so that he may join their council”. It did not take long for a scene of chaos to erupt as students laughed at him as he was humiliated and thrown out by the guards. Convinced and fascinated, Joseph attempted to catch the professor as he stormed off but was too late to pursue him.

Several years had passed since the incident with Professor Iggins and eventually the alien theories were cast aside and faded away. Although still an assistant for Professor Zergada, Joseph was still unable to become a student due to his class and lack of wealth. THe most notorious of these tormentors was an infernal warlock by the name of Arano Fairsilver Many students with a background of wealth and nobility ridiculed and looked down upon him. Even the more well adjusted students evaded him in their attempt not to be associated with the “dirty poor one.” Despite this disposition, Joseph stood resilient and focused on his studies. It was at the age of 17 that with bright eyes he discovered a note left behind from Iggins! The note claimed that the research and studies of the Professor were scattered among the worlds and universes for those who are daring enough to seek them. Gripping the letter as if a loved one, Joseph imagined that one day he too could find the answers he desperately sought after. A few months shortly afterward however is when a series of events would unfold to set him on this path.

After just having turned eighteen, Joseph received a letter stating that his father had died from an ambush against his caravan, and that as the sole beneficiary, Joseph would inherit all of his father’s assets. Distraught by the grave news of his father, he wept upon the stair clutching to the letter form Iggins. In a flash however, he was ridiculed and assaulted by young master Fairsilver. As he attempted to set flame to Joseph’s most prized possession, Joseph retaliated and initiated a duel as flame and starfire crossed severely damaging parts of the school. Though both only sustained minor injuries, the repair cost for the building was enormous. Furious at the incident, Arano’s father Gerhard demanded that Joseph be locked away like the peasant that he is.

In what could be called “extremely convenient,” A hulking tower of a goliath by the name of Baldrick approached the scene with a satchel of gold asking for Jospeh Druegar. Caring for the boy that apprenticed him, Professor Zergada settled for the exchange of the majority of his assets to repair the damage, and the destruction of his contract, so that the boy may run free without charge.

Walking away with the giant man, just as poor as when he entered, Joseph vowed to research the teaching of the stars and Iggins, and to find his research no matter what the cost.

Should he be able to discover the true secrets of this world and it’s neighboring universes and planets? or will he falter in his quest to seek the answers he desires? Only time will tell…

Joseph Dreugar

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