Velle The Hunter

Monk 1st level


14 Str 14 con 16 dex 10 int 16 wis 10 cha

HP 26 AC 15 reflex 14 fort 14 will 14 +5 attackes vs ac 1d8 damage +1 damage weapon focus +1 damage vs undead +10 to acrobatic skill check


Velle The Hunter is the sole survior of Rrakma band sent to wipe out the Illithid master Azrehil. A power mind Flayer from anchient times said to have devious powers beyond comprehension. While other of his band have failled, Velle will be successful in that he wishes to enlist the help of his friend Jet the Artificer,whom he know while visiting the material plane as a child.It seems that the childhood friends robbed Jet’s family business and were abducted by the group of bandits. Before the bandit knew what they had gotten into the two boys escaped picked up by merchants on the main road. They returned to town and told the story of the abduction but no one believed them,even Jet’s family and demanded that the two pay. When Velle could not pay he was sent to the monastary on Limbo. Ther he met zerthimon and became his apprentist. Velle has completed his studies at the monasatary on the outer plane of Limbo his home world. He has the blessings of his Master Zerthimon an anchient hero from legend and has been quested to bring back proof of the death of Arrehil in order to facilitate his entrance into the to Anarchs Guild, serving as his masters eyes and ears.

Velle The Hunter

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