Jet Hulstrum

An artificer of the Red Sail Enterprise, Jet ultimately seeks to understand the structure of his world through the lens of artifice.


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Jet Hulstrum hails from the river city of Endeavor. Jet is the son of the merchant Mengsk Hulstrum, a man whose calculating nature and keen insight have awarded him healthy business. Mengsk was quick to capitalize on the draining of Festar Swamp and subsequent growth of Endeavor. With capital from his traveling business, he established the Red Sail Enterprise, a company that came to dominate the river trade of the Jol. Mengsk, though he is greatly respected by fellow merchants throughout Zheit for his business prowess; he is excessively reserved and can appear uncomfortably cold at times. The merchant means no ill will, he has simply grown to accustomed to seeing everything as a cog in larger plans; each new meeting an opportunity to forge business ties or entice investors. Jet has become painfully aware of his father’s propensity for over-analysis and emotional detachment, and tries to make up for those shortcomings. Jet is thus a very friendly, amicable young man with an easy smile and an easier way with people. In his youth, he ran with a very diverse band of friends, causing general mayhem in the alleys and markets of Endeavor while learning much about the various ways of life that coexist in the world.

Jet’s understanding of people is matched perhaps only by his impressive grasp of the arcane and technology. It would seem that Jet has not entirely escaped the influence of his analytical father. He spends the hours in which he is not fixing Red Sail equipment studying as much as he can about advances in engineering sciences and mystic rituals. Jet approaches both science and magic with his father’s practical, impartial, and systematic view of life. The hidden arts of the wizard are to Jet no more mysterious than the workings of a clock: most people don’t understand quite how it works, but behind the glass face there is a logical assemblage of cogs and wheels. Such is the way that Jet has come to understand magic.

Recently, Jet has heard talk amongst the rivermen of Red Sail that the famous inventor Giotto would be displaying his latest creation in the small town of Briston. Jet, of course was elated at this news, not only due to excitement over science, but also because the wizard Mendel resides in town. Jet had always found Mendel interesting, since he had heard Academy members murmuring about the man’s reclusive nature and unwillingness to participate in Academy events. Jet is of the distinct impression that said members of the Academy spoke with envy tinged bitterness about the old hermit. Any man who holds the envy of members of the revered Academy of the Arcane arts must be a man of great power and cunning. And so, Jet has set out to the town of Briston hoping to engage both his appetite for magic and science.

Jet Hulstrum

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