Do you have a Baldric? The name for style, elegance, and professionalism. Picture a seven foot tall giant servant in full three piece tuxedo, ready to do your bidding.


For generations, the Baldrics have been the ultimate servant. They have bred themselves to be the penultimate in hired help.

At one point, these goliaths were enslaved by giants. The Baldrics in particular were treated as favored servants, and in turn they became devoted followers. But not devoted enough to join in the rebellion against the giants. After earning their freedom, this clan decided to keep putting those skills to great use. They would serve others…but never for life, never with their children, and with the strictest legal limits.

So it was that the Baldric name was created. They honed in on a sense of professionalism, to be the very best possible. Each Baldric is trained from birth and must become a gourmet chef, a cleaner, skilled in ettiquette, given physical and mental exercises, and most importantly in image and style. They hire themselves in contracts ranging from one year to five years to twenty, with typically recurring contracts. Their services are typically only available to the wealthy or groups.

My Baldric in particular is a servant to Drueger, hence his name is Baldric Drueger. Hired for a five year contract, he has served out three years to the Drueger family before the unfortunate death of the father. Now he serves Joseph Drueger, with the same steadfast devotion and absolute obedience that typifies his name.


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